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My name is Nance. Most things are nonsense coincidence. It's a what-ever kind of blog. Enjoy.

I find that the best thing to do when you’re feeling uneasy is to talk about it. Let it all out. Be mad. Be sad. But there’s a thin line we must not avoid and it’s called being irrational. Don’t go hurting other people with harsh words.

Anonymous said: Hello. This is a personal question so you don't have to answer if you don't want to. How long did you and your bf break up for until you guys got back together? How did you go about giving your relationship another try?

We broke up for a month and then got back together. 

Our freshmen year just started and we were going to the same college. Hung out with the same crowd too. It was horrible. I was so pathetic. I cried all the time and asked for him back. I’m ashamed… but eventually I let off that, “And today, no fucks were given.” I like to think it gave me this cool edge that made him attracted to me again. Guess it’s all psychological. I was all, “LET’S GET BACK TOGETHER.” And he was like, “Ew, no.” Then I was like, “I’m over you.” And he was like, “Come back!” so in the end, he asked for me back and I thought, “Should I be a douche and tell him no like he did to me?” But who was I kidding. I still wanted him. Haha!

Every time we broke up in the past, I made the mistake of  having the mind-set that “nothing will change.” It was different this time because he was overprotective and easily jealous. Something I never witnessed before. For the first couple of months, trust was a very hard thing to come by. We were both guilty of…things. That’s when we learned to forgive. There was willingness to change. It was enough to say, “Hey, I really care about you and this relationship.  If what I’m doing really hurts you, I won’t do it anymore.” We were in this so that we can be a better person for each other. That’s it.

We’re definitely not perfect but we’re happier than we’ve ever been considering our numerous downsides. I also believe it was just the right place and time that brought us together, that made us stronger. Not a lot of people out there get the opportunity we had to “try again.” That break-up was worth all the tears and pain. Because if it weren’t for that, we wouldn’t have learn from our mistakes. 

28. July 2013

I know he loves me because he always does the best that he can to make me happy and call me stupid if I didn’t realize that already. It’s not about the money or the car - you’ve always pulled through. (But its a plus) Good outweighs the bad.

22. July 2013

The what if, could have been, we’ll never know.

If you weren’t the one here, would it have been…?

And how are you now? Completely happy.

Although, I was always the one to walk out.

But, I shouldn’t waste my time wondering when I live such a good life now.