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3. January 2012

I’ve been doing some research on how I want to color my hair and I found the definition to how I want it to be like… It’s called Ombre Hair. Which is basically when you have your natural hair color from the roots on top and then have a gradually lighter color at the ends. But to be more broad, it’s basically having two different tone of hair colors from roots to the end. Here are some pictures.. 

During my reserach, I found that not many people are fond of it. A comment I’ve found about it… "deliberately look like you’ve missed your last 5 hair appointments is rather silly." I wish I kept track of the other comments I found but if I knew I’d be blogging about this, I would have done a better job. 

Anyways, my thoughts, what’s the big deal? It’s a trend. It’s like..not being able to make up your mind about two different hair colors you want and instead, you’re getting the best of both worlds. Also, I find this trend rather pleasing because what if I really don’t want to pay for touch ups every month. I like the idea of my roots staying the way they are and having the little spice at the ends. No biggy really.

I’m not really putting up a fight here. I just don’t think it’s THAT bad to have OMBRE hair. In fact, it’s CATCHY! :D I just wish I had long hair to flaunt it. 

This Thursday, I am on doing my hair like this. 

I was actually hoping to get a lighter end but I’m not sure how it’s going to work out. Might try it months later when my hair is longer and if I still like this trend. 

Tired of blogging.. Good day.