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19. June 2012

I got a job interview!

But - Can’t be too excited yet because I need to pull it off first.

Thankfully, Shiyeng is my backbone supporting me all the way. He’s going to take me to my interview tomorrow at 4pm and we’ll see how this goes. 

That was the highlight of my day.

Secondly, went to Northtown today to take my baby shopping for his birthday! I always do this! >_< I can never shut my mouth and NOT tell him what I plan on buying him. So, I took him with me so that he could choose what wallet he wanted. I got tired of seeing his old broken down one. He seems to be happy with what he chose, so that makes me happy.

Lastly, bought him gym shorts because he wanted it and I went shopping for myself. Self-indulgent. >_<